Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Unit

Apply standards and conditions to achieve quality requirements


This unit specialises in spreading the culture of quality and evaluating institutional performance, implementing and following up procedures for programmatic and institutional academic accreditation and evaluation, as well as documenting efforts and results in all quality activities by collecting data and information on an ongoing basis, in addition to preparing reports on performance levels in various activities.

Unit Vision

Creativity and excellence in the application of quality standards in all departments and units of the college, which qualifies it to obtain institutional accreditation and its academic programs.


Ensuring the implementation of quality standards and continuous improvement for all departments and units of the college and upgrading its educational, research and community services to obtain academic accreditation to meet the requirements of the labor market.



  1. Establishing and strengthening the focus on the culture of quality within the framework of academic and administrative work among the faculty members.
  2. Creating the appropriate environment in the college to achieve institutional requirements and standards to ensure quality and academic accreditation.
  3. Assisting all departments, units and management of the college in activating quality standards in their performance and completing self-evaluation processes for them, in a way that contributes to achieving academic accreditation for the college.
  4. Determining the strengths and weaknesses in the educational capabilities and programs offered by the college, presenting proposals and appropriate means to overcome them, and developing the necessary action plans for that.
  5. Improving the quality of academic programs in the college to achieve the goals of the college.
  6. Following up the development of the various departments of the college to bring its graduates to a distinguished level among the graduates of the corresponding departments in other similar colleges, in a way that achieves for them a highly competitive ability in the labor market.
  7. Follow up on the implementation of the college’s strategic plan.
  8. Achieving integration and coordination between the departments of the college and its educational programs, and benefiting from the available expertise to develop programs and joint study plans and between the corresponding departments and colleges inside and outside the university.
  9. Follow up the implementation of training programs that contribute to the implementation of quality mechanisms through training programs and the use of advanced technology in the educational process.

Functions of the Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit

  1. Holding introductory meetings, workshops and guides to spread the culture of quality among faculty members, students and administrators.
  2. Commitment to the college’s mission and objectives in order to improve performance.
  3. Participate in setting future policies and plans for the college and follow up on their implementation to obtain institutional and program accreditation.
  4. Follow up on the implementation of the research plans proposed by the department and college councils.
  5. Implementation of activities and tasks that ensure the quality of performance within the college.
  6. Continuous evaluation of the performance of all processes related to the development of quality assurance in the administrative units of the college.
  7. Providing technical support to the college and academic programs to meet the accreditation requirements according to the accreditation body for which the college and academic program is applied.
  8. Submit recommendations and proposals to improve and develop administrative performance.
  9. Communicate with the supervisory committee on the college website to develop it.
  10. Follow up on updating educational resources and developing educational facilities in the college.
  11. Follow up on the implementation of self-evaluation work and the academic file for all departments.
  12. Follow-up of the procedures for applying incentives for the scientific publication of solid scientific research for faculty members in the college.
  13. Participate in the development of different systems and models that are used to evaluate the activities of the college.
  14. Contribute to the completion of the electronic performance evaluation of the scientific supervision and evaluation apparatus in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  15. Preparing annual reports on the college’s activities and outputs in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation.
  16. Follow up on the implementation of joint cooperation agreements between the college and external parties represented by universities and local and educational institutions.