The most Important Activities of the College 

No. Activity Date Authority
1 Lecture titled (You Can Change) 8/1/2018 Teba organization for Relief and Development
2 The first international symposium of dental implants titled “Dental Implants Accessible to Everyone” 24/2/2018 (RUC) Dentistry Department
3 Symposium titled ”The Moral Crisis in Society” 19/3/2018 Directorate of Youth and Sports-Baghdad/Rusafa
4 Symposium titled” Promote the Concept of Hygiene and Rationalize Water Consumption” 25-26/3/2018 (RUC) with United Nation Organization (Unicef)
5 Work on data center that includes all the activities of “Quality, E-learning and Scientific Research” 31/3/2018 (RUC) Academic Excellence Council
6 Participation of Dentistry Department in the activities of the 19th scientific conference of Dentistry College 20/3/2018 Baghdad University
7 Awareness campaigns in “Al Rawabi Primary Schoo” 5-6/2/2018 (RUC) Dentistry Department
8 Training course titled “Methods of Scientific Research” for the Ministry of Justice Employees of (Iraqi Reform Department) 22-23-24/1/2018 (RUC)
9 Participation in the “First Annual Job Exhibition” 28/12/2017 Al Mustansiriya University/Dentistry Department
10 Awareness campaigns in “Imam Al-Mahdi International Primary School” 23/10/2017 (RUC) Dentistry Department
11 Participation of (RUC) students “Arab Memory Program” 3/12/2017 Scientific Care Department/Ministry of Youth and Sports
12 Participation in the first scientific conference of “Ibn Sina University” 16/11/2017 Ibn Sina University
13 Participation of (RUC) students in the international conference on “Communication and Computer Engineering” held in Istanbul 6/11/2017 Turkey
14 Course on data bases for “The Ministries of Labor, Social Affairs and Justice Affiliates” 20-24/5/2017 (RUC) with European Union of the rule of law and criminal  justice in Iraq
15 Held of “Handicrafts and Industrial Exhibition” 13-14/5/2017 (RUC)
16 Participation in” The First University Festival for Applied and Plastic Arts” 15-20/12/2018 Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research-Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Apparatus-Department of Student Activities
17 Participation of the student (Ahmed S. Abd Al Wahid) in the “Preliminary Competition for Memorizing and Reciting the Holy Quran” 17/12/2018 Shiite Endowment Office- Babel
18 Participation in the “Brothers Annual Meeting Festival for Artistic Works of the Governmental and Private Universities and College” at Al Karkh University for Science 27/12/2018 (RUC) Department of Student Activities
19 Participation of the student (Najem Alddin S. Najem), Business Management Department-Third Stage, in the 10th “Arab Championship” for “Kyokushinkai Karate” 29/12/2018 (RUC) Business Management Department
20 Participation in  the “Second Annual Job Exhibition” 27/12/2018 (RUC) Dentistry Department
21 Participation of the “Physical Strength Team” with (RUC) in the championship held by the physical strength federation “Heroes of Victory”, of the student (Ali I. Saleh)-Computer Techniques Engineering Department-first stage, win for the weight 66 kg 11/1/2019 (RUC) Department of Student Activities
22 Workshop to training titled “First Aid” 2/12/2018 Organized by “The Red Crescent and Red Cross”in cooperation with (RUC) Department of Accounting
23 Workshop titled “Early Diagnosis of Cancer” 12/12/2018 (RUC) Dentistry Department in cooperation with “Salon Baghdad Al Wardy”
24 Workshop titled “Modern Systems in Communication” and (Bawabet Al Qamer) company experience in communication evaluation in Iraq 23/12/2018 (RUC) of Qualifying, Employment and Follow-Up Unit
25 Workshop for students of Computer Communication Engineering and Computer Techniques Engineering Departments on “Micro-Tech Communication Devices” 8/1/2019 (RUC) of Qualifying, Employment and Follow-Up Unit
26 Symposium titled “Training Courses on Software Used in the Labor Market” 3/11/2018 (RUC) Computer Techniques Engineering Department with (Injaz company for electronic services)
27 Symposium titled “Drugs Taking Crime in Iraqi Law” 5/12/2018 (RUC) Law Department
28 Symposium titled (Modern Management and its Effect on Business Organization) 8/12/2018 (RUC) Business Administration Department
29 Symposium titled (Education and its Effect on Societies Distinction) 15/12/2018 (RUC) Business Administration Department
30 Scientific symposium titled (Internet of Things) 22/12/2018 (RUC) Computer Science Department
31 Symposium titled “Miss Use of Social Media” 30/12/2018 (RUC) Accounting Department
32 Ceremonial anniversary of the 30th founding of (RUC) 24/11/2018 (RUC)
33 Arts gallery for Medical Laboratory Department students 1/12/2018 (RUC) Medical Laboratory Department
34 The annual lecture titled “University Ethics and Behavior”  for First stage student of different department 1/12/2018 (RUC) Computer Engineering Department
35 Arts gallery for Dentistry Department students 8/12/2018 (RUC) Dentistry Department
36 The occasion of victory day over the terrorist gangs “ISIS” and the liberation of all Iraqi lands 11/12/2018 (RUC)
37 Chess tournament for different departments 11-12/12/2018 (RUC) Sport Unit
38 Championship for “Physical Strength Team” of (RUC) 9/1/2019 (RUC) Department of Student Activities
39 The 98th anniversary of the founding of Iraqi army on January 6 7/1/2019 (RUC)
40 Tennis tournament for all scientific departments by sport unit in the college 31/12/2018-5/1/2019 (RUC) Sport Unit
41 Quintet football tournament for first and second stage of the scientific departments 23-30/12/2018 (RUC) Sport Unit
42 Offering bouquets of flowers for students in the college celebration the new year 26/12/2018 (RUC) Department of Student Activities
43 Awareness lecture for Pharmacy Department titled “Obesity and Society; the Pharmacist Role in Future” 30/12/2018 (RUC) Pharmacy Department
44 Lecture for physical strength team of (RUC) by Mr. (Rabie M. Ali), head of the physical strength federation 31/12/2018 (RUC) Department of Student Activities
45 Lecture titled “Scout Movement” for the college scouts by Mr. (Hamid N. Farhan) 26/12/2018 (RUC) Department of Student Activities
46 Scientific lecture titled “The Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation on Health and the Exposure Determinants” 26/12/2018 (RUC) Computer Communication Engineering Department
47 Cultural lecture titled “ Building by Using Thermistone” 19/12/2018 (RUC) Civil Engineering Department
48 Winning third position in “The Drawing Studio Competition” of  the first university festival for applied and plastic arts 15-20/12/2018 Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research-Scientific Supervision and Evaluation Apparatus-Department of Student Activities


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