First Conference on Workforce Development 2018 in Iraq

Al-Rafidain University College Sponsor of the First Conference on Workforce Development 2018 in Iraq

On Thursday evening, 13/12/2018, the first conference on Workforce Development 2018 in Iraq, which was held in cooperation between the American organization Irex and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research-Directorate of Studies, Planning and follow-up in Iraq, was concluded. The sessions of the Conference continued for two days 12 and 13, during which a number of important issues were discussed that contribute to the empowerment of students of Iraqi universities and prepare them to enter the workplace with high confidence and efficiency to meet the needs of the labour market for workers with high technical and personal skills. The Vice-Minister of Higher Education and a member of the Council of Ministers’ Board of Advisors participated in the sessions of the Conference, in addition to professors from the American universities, the American University in Sulaimaniyah, CEO and HR managers of high level Iraqi companies, number of Iraqi university presidents and deans, large number of directors of career development centers in the Iraqi universities, and Al-Rafidain University College, which was invited to the Conference as a sponsor to the conference and the only private university college that owns a unit for career development among all the private colleges in Iraq. Three faculty members represented Al-Rafidain University College in the Conference; Prof. Dr. Jaber Salman Aziz, Prof. Dr. Anwar Jaafar Jawad and Dr. Fouad Jameel Ibrahim as a head of Al-Rafidain Career Development Unit.


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