Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit

Applying standards and conditions to achieve quality requirement

1- Introduction:
This unit is specialize to spread cultural of quality and the institutional performance evaluation, implement and follow up the procedures of   evaluation and academic, programmatic and international accreditation, also documenting efforts and results at all quality activities by   collecting data and information, in addition to preparing reports on performance levels in various activities.

Creativity and distination in applying quality standards at all college departments and units to get institutional accreditation and its   academic programs.

Ensuring the application of quality standards and the continuous improvement of all college departments and units, upgrading its   educational, research and community services to get accreditation to meet the requirements of market.

1.Establishing and promoting the focus on the culture of quality within the framework of academic and administrative work among the             college members.
2.Preparing the appropriate environment in the college to achieve the requirements and institutional standards for quality assurance and           academic accreditation.
3.Helping all college departments, units and administration on activate quality standards in its performance and completing its  self-     evaluation processes, in way that contributes to achieve academic accreditation of the college.
4. Determine  the strengths and weaknesses of the educational programs and capabilities provided by the college, submitting proposals         and  appropriate means to overcome them, and develop the necessary job plans.
5-Upgrading the academic programs quality to achieve the college goals.
6-Follow up the development of all college departments to reach its graduates for a distinguished level among the graduates in other     similar colleges, in order to achieve a high competitive ability for them in the labor market.
7-Follow up the implementation of the colleges  strategic plan.
8-Achieving integration and coordination between the college departments and its educational programs, improving the available     experiences to develop joint study plans and programs between the corresponding departments and colleges inside and outside the     university.
9- Follow up the implementation of training programs that contribute to apply a quality mechanism through training programs and using       an  advanced technology in the educational process.

1-Holding informational meetings, workshops and guides to spread the culture of quality among faculty members, students, and    administrators.
2-Commitment to the colleges mission and goals to improve the performance.
3-Participat in developing future policies and plans of the college and follow up its implementation to get the institutional and program     accreditation.
4-Follow up on the implementation of the research plans proposed by the department and college councils.
5-Implementing the activities and tasks that ensure the quality of performance within the college.
6-evaluating the performance of all processes related to quality assurance development in the college administrative units.
7-Providing technical support to the colleges and academic programs to fulfill accreditation requirements according to the accreditation     body and the academic program.
8-Providing recommendations and proposals to improve and develop the administrative performance.
9-Communicat with the supervisory committee on the college website to develop it.
10-Follow up on updating educational resources and developing the educational facilities in the college.
11-Follow up the implementation of the self-evaluation work and the academic file of all departments.
12-Follow-up the procedures of applying incentives of scientific research publication of the college members.
13-Participating on developing various systems and models that are used to evaluate the activities of the college.
14-Contributing the completion of the electronic performance evaluation of the scientific supervision and evaluation in the Ministry of     Higher Education and Scientific Research.
15-Preparing annual reports on the college activities and according to the quality standards and the accreditation.

16-Follow-up the implementation of joint cooperation agreements between the college and external bodies represented by universities and   local educational and educational institutions.

Organizational structure:
The unit consists of the following groups:

1-Scientific Research Group: concerned with the following:
•Follow-up scientific research of the members in all scientific department according to the annual research plan through a special form and    follow up its implementation during a timetable and providing achievement rates at the end of the academic year.
•Follow up the publishing the academic staff for their scientific research publication in the international journals(Scopes).
•Follow-up the procedures of the disbursement of incentives of research according to the instructions issued by the college and a decision   of the Central Incentive Exchange Committee.
• Organizing research cooperation agreements contracts with all researchers from outside the college according to the conditions and   instructions of the college and follow-up the payment of research publication fees in the international journals.
•Preparing an annual statistical report on scientific research that included scientific publication incentives of the college members and   external researchers.

2-Scientific Conferences, Symposiums and Workshops Group: which concerned with the following :
•Follow up the organization of scientific conferences, symposiums and workshops held by the college through the issuance of the     administrative order after coordination between all the participating parties.
•Follow up and prepare the necessary requirements of halls, devices and equipment to hold these symposiums in coordination with Media   Unit in the college.
•Providing a summary or report to the dean of the college about holding these symposiums for the purpose of publishing on the college    website.
• Follow up the participation of members in conferences and symposiums outside the college.
• Nominating members of the college to participate in symposiums and courses held by the educational institutions.

3-Joint Cooperation Agreements Group: concerned with the following :
•Organizing and preparing drafts of cooperation agreements between the college and other bodies.
• Following up the college getting the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to conclude the agreement by       approaching the Department of Private University Education.
• Preparing the agreement on its final form for the purpose of signature by both parties.
•Follow up the implementation of the concluded agreements and providing reports on its to the Dean of the College.