Welcome to the Faculty of Computer Science …

Dear visitor … Computer Science Department was established in 1993/1994. It is specialized in computer-related fields such as operating systems, operational methods, and software programming and development to create applications that serve the local market. These applications include programming languages, translators, database systems, operating systems, and computer networks.


The vision of the department is to be a pioneer in the field of computer science education and at the forefront of innovators in the field of education and in the dissemination of modern knowledge. Our graduates will be innovators and leaders in the field of industry, education, and management of state institutions locally and globally in their field. The specific activities in our department nourish economic development and contribute to building the welfare and health of society. We also strive to provide practical training for the curriculum in computer science education.


  1. Teaching students how to use the computer interactively, creatively and smartly.
  2. Providing students with modern approaches in the field of scientific and technical knowledge with a focus on software development and the objectives of professional and academic students.
  3. Provide students with laboratory learning opportunities.
  4. Educate students to be successful, ethical in their profession and effective in solving problems and have a lifelong learning ability that will contribute positively to economic development at the local and global levels.
  5. Building and developing partnerships with government and civil sectors to know their needs and work requirements to provide them with this
  6. Develop a stimulating environment for faculty members to develop their knowledge and their educational and research skills.


Our department students comes out with a bachelor`s degree in computer science to prepair them to work in the field of computer programming and software development. The skills and knowledge of our graduates will embody principles to keep abreast of today`s technology, making them widely desired in industry and commerce alike. And also qualify them to complete graduate studies and progress in the educational research.
Job Opportunities for Alumni

  1. Jobs and occupations in which graduates will work and prefer to be as follows:
  2. Analysis and programming of database systems.
  3. Website programming.
  4. Installation and maintenance of computer system software.
  5. Building new algorithms for computer security programming.
  6. Designing smart systems and industrial intelligence programs.
  7. Create programs to handle graphics and images.

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