Department of Radiology, Sonar, and Resonance Techniques

The Importance of this department :

This department is considered to be an integrated specialty which provides medical and treatment services that helps in the diagnostics of medical conditions related to all body systems.

The advancement in technology in this field has increased the medical equipment which helped in achieving more accurate results; some of the equipment included is for Sonar, X-ray, CT scans, and MRI.

Therefore, providing a specialized medical staff that can handle such medical equipment (in regards to operating, maintenance, and providing all services related to the treatment) is important because it will help the doctor to perform more accurate diagnostics which will help find the suitable medicine for the case in hand.

The Department’s Goals:

This department aims to graduate a specialized staff with a Technical Bachelor’s Degree in radiology and sonar; this will enable them to identify new technologies and methods conducted in this field and will help cover the vacancies needed for radiologists in pharmacies, hospitals and medical centers.

Job opportunities

The fields that the Radiology, Sonar and Resonance Technician graduates can find jobs in are:

  •  Medical Foundations (hospitals and labs) public and private sectors.
  •   Specialized labs that use diagnostic and treatment equipment.
  •   Graduates can also finish higher educational levels in various fields and aim for the academic area in teaching colleges and universities in the public and private sectors.
  • Graduates can perform research activities such as participating in providing studies and researches for developing the current technology techniques in their field of study.