Rafidain Unit for Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow – up

Within the framework of the Rafidain program for rehabilitation, employment and follow-up in opening up to the private sector institutions in order to qualify and train students and graduates and provide job opportunities for them and develop the curricula at the AL- Rafidain University College, we visited on Saturday 13/10/2018 the group of Riyadh industrial companies known in the Iraqi market and come with  me A Group of engineering professors from the departments listed below:
1- Dr. Mohammed Al-Falahi from the Department of Computer Engineering
2. ASST.Lecturer  Hussein Qassim Ahmed from the Department of Computer Technology Engineering
3. ASST.Lecturer Saad Jabbar Abbas from the Department of Computer Technology Engineering
4. ASST.Lecturer Ibrahim Hatem from the Department of Communication Engineering
Mr. Murtada Mahmood Jawad Abu Al-Shaer attended the meeting of the Rafidain Unit for Rehabilitation, Recruitment and Follow-up. The company’s official gave a brief explanation of the company’s products and the developments that are taking place in response to the needs of the Iraqi market. In addition, the company is interested in cooperating with the Iraqi universities in order to develop the company’s products and spread in Iraq. In contrast, the company puts all its resources in the service of students, graduates and faculty members. It was agreed to support the company for projects of the fourth stage students and to provide all the tools and devices that are not available in the Iraqi market And in support of the industrial development movement in Iraq.
This meeting was a new experience in the framework of interaction and cooperation with the private sector and is considered a new business model in the AL-Rafidain University College hope to produce new prospects for progress and success.

Dr.. Fouad Jamil Ibrahim
Head of the Rafidain Unit for rehabilitation, recruitment and follow-up


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