AL-Rafidain University College

Our faculty is a pioneer in the private education with quick response to the labor market requirements, supporting graduates with updating knowledge, reach high distinction in scientific research quality and community service.


Developing student knowledge, especially focusing on acquire practical and applied skills, qualifying graduates and developing their potential in accordance with labor market requirements, simulate and support knowledge production and promote community partnership.



Promote the concept of E-learning, through diversify the knowledge sources by using (Social Media) to expand the knowledge base of student.

Develop the scientific curriculum according to the cooperation with the other universities.

Do a periodic review for the scientific curriculum, adding the adjustment that follow the requirements of the labor market.

Simulating student abilities to provide practical ideas that solving societal problems

*Scientific Research

Encouragement research and applied studies.

Supporting scientific publication in the international and periodical journals

Encouragement participate with researchers of the international universities on the joint research achievement.

*Qualifying and Supporting Graduates

Communicating between the labor market and graduates, trying to gap bridging between the labor requirements and graduates skills.

Organizing ongoing courses to provide graduates with updating knowledge to developing and following the developments in specialty.

*Community Service

Spreading the positive culture attitude and awareness in the topics that reduce the negative aspects, encouraging the initiatives and positive aspects.

Activating the consultation bureau of our faculty on providing effective services for community.

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