Welcome All ...

I would like to invite you to our new Al-Rafidain College Website which we have designed to mirror each and every part of the academic aspects our college have.
Since the establishment in 1988, Al-Rafidain University college seeks the creation and maintain environment of the right academic space at all levels, especially scientific curricula inline with our counterparts in government education. Our efforts; starting from the junior staff to the highest ranked academic professors, works continuously to maintain the success we achieved through passed academic years. Because of this success, our graduates assume different positions in governmental and public sectors as well as being students for postgraduates studies in other remarkable governmental universities.
Again, welcome all and feel free to contact our information desk or visit our reception and admission offices to get all the information you need.


Prof. Dr. Mahmood J. Abu-Alshaeer   /   THe Dean

Email :- dean@en.ruc.edu.iq

website/en  :- https://en.ruc.edu.iq

website/ar   :- https://ruc.edu.iq

facebook/ar :- https://fb.me/ruc88