Al-Rafidain University College
Department of Computer Techniques Engineering
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Head of Department speech:

We find a remarkable expansion in its uses in different sectors of life ,after viewing the technical and electronic reality in the modern world, which are distinguished by their importance and clear impact. Our department seeks to leave clear effects in our country where it still has many contributions to the annual festival of graduation projects, which aims to review student products to the labor market to be activated and useful. It also aims to create a spirit of enthusiasm that fits with the promising spirituality of young people that requires care and attention to show its creativity, through parental care of the department staff and the special relationship with its student, allowing has access to the needs of students and obstacles to the educational process, and this relationship has gained confidence between the two parties (the department’s administration and its teaching staff and between students).In addition to the fact that it handled many cases that we touched upon over the years for creative people who needed words of encouragement and attention to launch their scientific creativity and their self-confidence glow. Our faith remains firm that the Iraqi people possess special mental characteristics and have multiple creative capabilities, and the difficult circumstances that he has gone through have left an effect in strengthening resistance to these conditions and increasing their desire to live and challenge difficulties. This faith renews our desire annually to expand our proposals to develop the department. Our department is currently heading to show energies and bring them to the world to open up wider horizons for young people and allow them to communicate with the outside world and see the latest developments in global technology to be up-to-date and representatives of their country in the best way. We are all confident that the coming days will be filled with joyful surprises and the creativity by our students.

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