Al-Rafidain University College
Department of Civil Engineering
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Department of Civil Engineering – Al-Rafidain University College

Established: 16 – 11 – 2014

The Department of Civil Engineering established in 2014 with the aim of preparing Engineers in all construction aspects like structural, building materials, roads, bridges and dams, the establishment of water purification plants and the design of steel structures and solving problems for weak soils, gypsum soils, and foundation design and project management and site engineering.

Our department concentrate on involving students from the first stage in practice by organizing visits to sites under implementation, organizing additional lectures, training them and presenting them to advanced construction techniques and qualify them for practical reality and help them to understand the theoretical lessons.

The duration of the study in the department is four years in which the student obtains a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering to be eligible to work in the local and international markets in all aspects related to construction aspects of buildings.

The department is equipped with laboratories of modern equipment from prestigious German and Italian companies.

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