(RUC) of  Qualifying, Employment and Follow-Up Center

The center seeks to achieve a road map to the faculty graduates and create an administrative and technical system with standards and practices of the global quality to discover the positive job paths.
1.Adopting the permanent relationship with the graduates and application of academic experience in the labor market.
2.Adopting effective professional development plans to determine the paths and plans of training and qualifying.
3.Raising the skills and coordinate with the concerned external parties to achieve the quality of the educational processes outputs.
1- Keeping up with the scientific development, teaching and learning.
2- Promote learning culture and community service of graduates.
3- Promote the ability of graduates on marketing themselves for jobs to satisfy various institutions.
4- Making a strategic partnerships between the faculty and employers.
5- Measure the performance level of graduates in the workplaces.
6- Cover the gap between learning outcomes at the faculty, trying to match the qualifications with the labor market requirements.