Welcome Speech

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to our faculty website, which we designed to show all part of the academic aspect. Since its establishment in 1988, (RUC) seeks to create and maintain an academic space suitable for students at all levels, especially the scientific curricula compatible with our counterparts in public education. Our efforts are continuing, starting from junior staff to top academic professors, and continuously to maintain the success achieved through academic years. Our college graduates hold various positions in the public and private sector, in addition to postgraduate studies after graduation in governmental universities, do not hesitate to contact our information office or visit the front desk and secretaries of scientific departments to get all the support you need. We provided the page of each science department with easy contact .

Email :- dean@en.ruc.edu.iq   Or   info@en.ruc.edu.iq

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Jawad  Abu Al Shaeer

Dean of the Faculty


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website/en  :- https://en.ruc.edu.iq

website/ar   :- https://ruc.edu.iq

facebook/ar :- https://fb.me/ruc88