A new distinctive style of professional collaboration

A new distinctive style of professional-academic cooperation was born today ; Saturday, the third of November between Al-Rafidain Career Development Center at Al-Rafidain University College and Enjaz Software Development company in one of the most fruitful meetings between the advanced cadres of Enjaz and students of the fourth-year in the departments of

  1. Engineering Departments
2. Computer Science.
Enjaz Group spoke about the company’s experience in the Qi Card (national credit card) project to pay retirees’ salaries, the project Aqssaty service to pay retirees’ retail stores purchases and the success stories that were achieved by national Iraqi programmers from Enjaz. This meeting culminated in the formation of task forces of the fourth-year students to meet weekly with the cadres of Enjaz company to review the progress of students building their practical skills in modern programming techniques and discover the outstanding abilities of our students to be recruited in a future development teams with Enjaz.
The meeting was attended by Dr. Enas Hadi, head of Computer Techniques Engineering department at Al-Rafidain University College, and spoke about her experience as a consultant in Enjaz and urged students to be inspired by the distinguished experience of the company’s cadres in building Iraqi capabilities that obviate the need for foreign companies in the field of software development.


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