A Private Iraqi educational institution established on 23/11/1988

First year Study started on 1989/1988, as it is considered one of the well-known, that occupies an advanced position among the universities and colleges.

Our college has graduated, during more than thirty years and still, a medical staff specialized in oral and dental medicine and surgery, pharmacists, engineering, scientific and other specialization.

The college also has granted a bachelor’s degree in various scientific, administrative and humanitarian specialties according to the laws, regulations, instructions and controls of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research through direct scientific and educational supervision of all its various activities.

It currently includes fourteen medical, engineering, scientific, and human departments and the duration of study in its departments is four years, except the dental and pharmacy departments, its study period is five years.

The system approved in our college is annual and semester.

Academic programs 

RUC currently includes twelve academic programs in the medical, engineering, scientific and humanitarian fields.

The certificates granted to the student are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq and other related certificates for the purposes of employment and to continue graduate studies.

website/en  :- https://en.ruc.edu.iq

website/ar   :- https://ruc.edu.iq

facebook/ar :- https://fb.me/ruc88