Al Rafidain 30th anniversary

Al Rafidain University College is proud to be celebrating its 30-years anniversary. The ceremony was held under the patronage of the Dean Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Jawad Abu Al-Shair

With honor and pride we would like to express our congratulations to our college for all the scientific and creative achievements during these years and along with the accompanying of difficult challenges that our Al Rafidain family managed to overcome and accomplish the best and finest of what has been reached in the scientific competition.

All what have been achieved could not be made without the efforts of its staff of professors and students and associates and their sincerity, determination, diligence and their love for their college. Congratulations to everyone and we look forward to be able to gather more achievements and serve the scientific field.

The ceremony included words, poems, songs and the college honored the heads of departments and the outstanding students in addition to honoring a number of orphan students to express appreciations. Candles were lit and cake was cut to celebrate the occasion. The ceremony was attended by professors and students.

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