Al-Rafidain College dental implant consultation clinic

The consulting clinic has a moral personality as well as financial and administrative independence. The clinic is connected to Al-Rafidain University College’s consulting office. The clinic’s objectives:

1. Development of scientific and technical expertise
2. Providing medical consultations on dental implants to state health departments, the private sector, and citizens.
3. Providing the highest level of therapeutic services in exchange for fair compensation.
4. Increasing the experiences of faculty members.
5. Contribute to raising the scientific and professional level.
6. Opening a training center that offers introductory and advanced classes in the field of dental implants.

Additionally, there are active scientific staff in the dental implant unit from Lebanon, including:

1. Associate Professor Haider Mounir Saleh
2. Associate Professor Abdel-Wahhab Al-Nasseri
3. Associate Professor Loay Hatem Jalil

Dental implant consulting clinic:
The dental implant consulting clinic deals with the best types of implants available on the local market and from well-known, well-proven French and European origins. that have demonstrated their efficacy over two years of hard work and the completion of hundreds of cases for cherished patients.

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