Al Rafidain is bringing new pharmacists to Iraq

In conjunction with the celebrations of the Al Rafidain University College 30th anniversary of its founding, Department of Pharmacy celebrated the graduation of the third batch of medical section titled (Victory and Development). The ceremony was attended by the dean of the College Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Jawad Abu Al-Shaier. The national anthem and reading of the Holy Quarn verses was presented and then Al-Fatihah was read on the souls of our country martyrs. The dean delivered a speech in which he emphasize the importance of this batch and its scientific and national implications, which is a new achievement the college is proud of. Dr. Abdul Rasool Mahmoud, Head of the Department, gave a speech in which he thanked the professors and students of the department for their creative efforts that contributed to this achievement. Mrs. Shah Zanan, the college valedictorian gave a speech in which she promised in the name of all the graduates that she will along with her colleagues keep the continuous giving to our country. The ceremony continued where the graduates repeated the pharmacies oath, certificates and degrees were awarded to the graduates. Gifts were then distributed to guests, professors and students. The celebration was attended by a number of deans of faculties, the assistant of the dean and the heads of departments in the college.

Al Rafidain University College
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