Cooperation with Kiev International University

A memorandum of understanding was signed between Al-Rafidain University College / State of Iraq and Kiev National University of Civil and Architectural Engineering / State of Ukraine.

The memorandum states:

1- Conducting co-operational research between teachers from both sides.

  2- Cooperate to keep on working under the requirements of the international academic classification.

3- Mutual guidance for postgraduate students for diplomas, masters and doctoral degrees.

4- Exchange of experiences and awareness virtually or via physical mutual visits.

  5- Cooperation between the departments of both parties to enroll students of Al-Rafidain University College in internal courses on the campus of the other party. Programmatic mutual dependence between the two parties.

  6- Exchange of experiences to develop scientific, engineering and medical curricula and laboratories.

A memorandum of understanding was signed with Kiev International University and Al-Rafidain University College represented by Mr. Prof. Mahmoud Jawad Abu Al-Shair, Dean of the Faculty and President of Kiev International University, Prof. Dr. Kulikov, and the parties exchanged congratulations.

The memorandum was signed and prepared by the Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Unit Department (Dr. Aqil Mahmoud, Dr. Anwar Jaafar, Dr. Fouad Jamil and Mr. Mustafa Kamal)


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