Certificate of International Participate about “Coronavirus”

Dr. (Mohammed A. Najem) one of our faculty member, (Pharmacy Department), has received an international certificate from (Harvard University) after completing the medical course of Corona Pandemic.

This course has included many scientific facts about (COVID-19):

1.What is “Coronavirus”.

2.It’s propagation methods between people.

3.It’s propagation globally.

4.How to avoid many unscientific rumors about this virus, of its negative psychological impact on the individual and society.

5.How to deal with people infected with this virus.

6.Prevention guidelines for infection.

7.Reporting infected cases.

8.Record the number of infections and recovery cases accurately, to help give a true idea of ​​the virulence of infection with this virus in each region.

9.Feeling responsible with healthy properties for private and public benefit in overcoming this crisis.

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