Closing ceremony of the bridge project

This morning, a representative of Al-Rafidain University College and the head of the Rafidain Unit for Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-Up participated Dr. Fouad at the closing ceremony of the Bridge project, which was adopted by Bawabt Al-Qamar  for Technology and Communication to train a group of graduates from Baghdad University, Iraqi University, Al-Nahrain University, Central Technical University , Mustansiriya University And University of Technology . The project lasted for two months and was attended by 50 students trained by experienced teachers in communications, project management, team work and other skills. The director of the company, Mr. Ali Sami, gave valuable gifts to the top ten in the course. It is worth mentioning that the first gift of the course Zaid Abdul Hadi from the Iraqi University is a ticket to participate in the exhibition Gitx in Dubai, the Director-General announced the appointment of three participants in the session.
The ceremony was more than wonderful and the participants expressed their experiences in a beautiful spontaneous way. Bawabt Al-Qamar was also a pioneer among private sector companies to adopt non-profit projects that have a positive impact on graduates, job seekers and society.
Al-Rafidain University College With the support of its Dean Dr. Mahmoud Jawad Abu Al Shaer is the only Private college that has established a center for rehabilitation and employment with the help and approval of the Department of Studies in the Ministry of Higher Education, we are working to build partnerships with the private sector in order to provide such opportunities for our dear graduates. Thankfully, we have so far achieved important partnerships with a number of important companies and banks in Iraq and hope that these partnerships will result in employment opportunities for our graduates.


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