The study of Computer Science program at Al-Rafidain University College offers the learning of the theoretical and practical aspects of computer usage as a tool in producing efficient and applicable software systems in different fields. The undergraduate students in the first two years are provided with solid aspects of programming analysis and data structures. They also get to know and use some of the basis of visual and object-oriented programming. At the upper levels, the students are provided with specialized courses to explore the powers of software including graphics, database, artificial intelligence, architecture, and more. In the fourth year (Graduation year) the student gets involved with the final year project that introduces him to the high-level career in the local market.

Teaching Institution Al-Rafidain University College
Department Computer Science
Program Title Computer Science
Title of Final Award Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Science
Modes of Attendance offered Internal | Full Time | 2 Semester Courses
Accreditation ABET like requirements
Other external influences Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research

Program Description can be downloaded from here.