Global Certificate in Corona Virus

Assistant Lecturer (Raghda Hisham Khalil) teaching from the Department of Pharmacy at Al-Rafidain University College obtained a global participation certificate from the World Health Organization ((WHO)) after receiving the organization’s lectures electronically regarding the emerging corona virus (2 – SARS – COV) that causes the disease (19)  – COVID) and successfully passing the required exams. The course includes three main axes:  The first axis is to identify the Coronavirus by showing the characteristics and virulence of this virus.  The second axis is to know the level of countries’ response and their readiness to this virus, through proper scientific planning and guidance.  • The third axis is to find how to reduce the risk of the transformation of the Corona virus from an epidemic to a pandemic, which is the highest stage of global spread in the universe.  Thus, Al-Rafidain University College and its competent professors were the first to identify and reduce this dangerous virus that has invaded the entire world

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