Oral and dental hygiene for primary school students

Under the patronage and support of the Honorable Dean of Al-Rafidain University College Prof. Dr. Mahmood Jawad Abu Al-Shaeer and on the occasion of World Oral and Dental Health Day and in order to encourage our students for volunteer work and community services, a group of students from Al-Rafidain University College – Department of Dentistry organized on Monday 20/3/2017 educational campaigns for oral and dental health care for primary school students under the supervision of Dr. Minaa Samir Kazem, Professor of Community Dentistry Course and Dr. Basma Fathi Al-Anbari professor of Periodontal disease course. One of the most important objectives of the campaign was the field application of community dental medicine by explaining how to care for teeth, displaying pictures, explanatory films and educational brochures, and then distributing gifts and prizes to students, which makes dental care usually planted in primary school students.

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