The Times World Ranking places Iraq at 37th globally

The Times World Classification released the findings of its new edition for the year 2024, which assessed and rated 1,914 colleges from 108 nations throughout the world.!/length/25/locations/IRQ/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats

The number of Iraqi universities in this classification increased significantly compared to the previous year’s edition, with thirteen universities achieving positive rankings in terms of international competition, with the University of Technology ranking (801-1000), Al-Nahrain University ranking (1201-1500), Al-Qadisiyah University ranking (1201- 1500), the University of Babylon ranking (1201- 1500), the University of Diyala ranking (1201- 1500), and finally the University of Technology ranking (801-1000).

The Times World Classification adopts main standards for classifying universities based on 18 indicators to evaluate and measure performance in five areas: teaching (learning environment) 29.5%, research environment 29%, research quality 30%, international outlook 7.5%, and industry income 4%.

In this regard, Mr. Nicholas Davis, the Times Foundation’s regional representative for the Middle East and Africa, announced during the Iraq Education Exhibition and Conference 2023 that, according to the Times rankings, which indicates the quality of teaching and scientific research, Iraq now ranks 37th globally

Department of Governmental Information and Public Affairs
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

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