UNESCO encourages the continuation of the E-learning

The Research and Development Department of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research hosted the second international e-learning conference, with a number of university presidents, Iraqi and international experts attending the first session.

Dr. (Alaa Abd Al-Hassan), the Ministry of Education’s advisor, said in his speech at the conference’s opening that the Ministry of Education has been considering global contexts and procedures in adapting details of health variables and maintaining the quality of education in Iraqi universities since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis.

According to Dr. (Anas Buhilal) of the UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut, e-learning solutions are a necessity in the pandemic stage to ensure quality learning and achieve the UN’s sustainable development goals by supporting national education policies, developing and upgrading infrastructure, building institutional capacities, developing the professional aspect, and strengthening the academic infrastructure knowledge according to the pattern required by the compact mechanisms.

Dr. (Rozhan Muhammad Adrus) from Malaysia presented a paper in this context, emphasizing the importance of continuing to improve electronic infrastructure in universities, staying current with emergency changes, and providing alternative digital solutions to ensure the world’s information achievement.

Dr. (Nawras Al-Dahan), Dean of Al-Kafeel College, and Dr. (Amer Al-Amir), Coordinator of the Ministerial Electronic Team, summarized the Ministry of Higher Education’s experience in the field of digital transformation over a year of engagement.


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