Enjaz for Electronic Services meeting with software students group

Within the framework of the joint cooperation between Al-Rafidain University College and Enjaz Electronic Services company, a team from Enjaz met on Saturday 17/11 with a group of students from Engineering departments and the Department of Computer Science at Al-Rafidain University College to discuss recent evolution in the modern programming languages and the possibility of using them in graduation projects for the fourth-year students or the projects proposed by the students of the other stages. The students were distributed in three groups as follows:

1-Web application group led by Haitham Laith

2-Mobile application group led by Hussain Yahya

3. Database application group led by Mohamed Falah

This meeting came as a prelude to a series of meetings that will be conducted by the company’s cadres with the students of the engineering departments, which will end with an evaluation of the student projects participating in the cooperation program and rewarding the distinguished student teams at the end of the academic year. This model of cooperation between private sector companies and university institutions is an important and pioneering practical initiative to complement the practical skills that graduates need in the labor market.


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