Media Committee

Media has a major role in activating the events and formatting it such as it meets the requirements of the vital stage of any institution, which made the formation of the Media Committee at the Al Rafidain University College imperative to communicate directly with students or any other party by answering important queries that serve the them.

The Media Committee covers all internal and external activities, whether local or international, through conferences, seminars, workshops or lectures so that these activities become a determined and continuous work for all our student’s research.

This committee has been able to work in a team spirit, to document and activate dozens of scientific conferences and symposia and to benefit them to all students and researchers through social media and YouTube channels.

The media committee in the college was distinguished in all local and international occasions such as supporting the first scientific conference of the Department of Private University Education as well as its direct support to cover the conference of the classification of Arab universities in the University of Baghdad, in addition its coverage of the first international conference of the Faculty of Engineering Al-Khwarizmi General Council of Ministers and other activities and events that serve the scientific field.

The media committee work behind the scenes is represented by a professional group who understand the media and will be communicate with the beneficiaries.

Media Committee of the Rafidain University College

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