Al-Rafidain participation in the”Training Guide for Gender Integration in Early Warning Systems”

On Thursday (11/5/2023), the Women’s Empowerment Department at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research issued a training guide for integrating gender into early warning systems, which is part of the activities of the second national plan for Resolution (1325) (prevention pillar/first goal) A ministerial committee was formed pursuant to Ministerial Order No. (1716) on (5/4/2022) for the purpose of creating the aforementioned guide, which contains a number of specialized female professors; the project took roughly a year to complete. In order to create a supportive society based on coexistence and the rejection of violence, this guide is dedicated to training professionals in the field of women’s empowerment in governmental and non-governmental institutions as well as those interested in women’s issues.

The Ministerial Committee consisted of the following members:

Prof. Dr.: Ahlam Shaheed Ali / Ministry Center

Assistant Professor Dr.: Bushra Hussein Saleh / Iraqi University

Assistant Professor Dr.: Sabah Sami Daoud / University of Baghdad

Assistant Professor Dr.: Ban Hikmat Abdul Karim / Al-Mustansiriya University

Assistant Professor Dr.: Bushra Salman Hussein / Al-Rafidain University College.