Cooperation Agreement with the Iraqi Media Foundation

Based on the social responsibility of Al-Rafidain University College in exercising its positive role in society and under the special sponsorship of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Jawad Abu Al-Shair, the college has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Iraqi Media Foundation (Department of Development Courses) the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate in the presence of Dr. Rasool Hassoun Shnawa, Assistant Director General, the chairmen of the departments and the professors of scientific departments:

1- Dr. Abdel Rasul.

2- Dr. Hussein Kaitan.

3- Dr. Vian Kassem.

4- Dr. Aqil Mahmoud.

5- Dr. Rana Khudair.

6- Dr. Ammar Faleh.

And the gentlemen, the representatives of the Syndicate:

Mrs. Haifa Ali Mahmoud / Public Relations Agent

Mr. Hadi Cooks / Public Relations

Mr. Khaled Al-Najjar / Chief Editor

Mr. Salam Rahim / Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Tahseen Sabbar / Legal Adviser

The college has added a new pillar of science and knowledge to serve its students and the society, and to be a real help and support for the students of the digital media department in the college in particular. 

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